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Saturday, January 15, 2011

And the winner is (drumroll)...McPanda! This long time THIMBLE MAG reader won our hearts with her fabulous set and heartwarming anecdotes on her best pal. She and her BFF will be receiving friendship bracelets created by our editors, to express the love and friendship we share with our readers!

Here's what she had to say about her best pal:
"I have quite a few friends I would consider my "best", collectively, but for the sake of simplicity I'll focus on the one I consider my brother. Not my sister- that would be too soft, too echoing of a bickering sort of relationship between us. Hannah is more like my brother, in that we probably would have made mud pies together as children and in that she would gladly kick someone's ass for me if it was required.

I only met Hannah this summer, but after two days at camp I might as well have known her forever. She's flirty, hilarious, spirited, and inappropriate as hell. She's not the kind of girl that is ever going to be fussy about her look- Thimbly, if you're reading this, she might as well be a real life Avalie.

Every day at TIP, the two of us would sneak off campus, go to the sketchy side of town, and get a single massive slushie from the Shell station on the corner as well as The Slammer (a paper full of really fucking great mugshots) and "Afrika Rubba-Bandz". We brought along a black guy for protection. It was pretty great.

I was kind of alone among the fourth years because it was my first time at TIP- and she, awesome kid that she is, reached out to me despite the fact I was a total n00b. She needed a friend because her roommate was quite literally trying to kill her. I walked into their room one time and got a fan hurled at me by said roommate.
I haven't seen Hannah since July, even though I've webcammed with her a few times. She lives three states away, which isn't at all great. We have to keep our relationship limited to sending sexual innuendos, weird European music videos, and jokes about Jews over Facebook.

This look would probably work for Hannah because it's easy as hell- I can imagine her with the jeans rolled up and the shirt loose, black nail polish chipped, and definitely barefoot. However, if it was really true to her, it would have to include a slouchy black knitted hat- her signature."

McPanda's Polyvore Profile: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=129165

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