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Sunday, November 21, 2010
The Subtlety of Scent. posted at 3:04 PM

As the holidays roll around the corner, perfume is something that tends to be on either you, your girlfriend or your best friend's holiday wishlist. And let us just say that picking a scent for someone else is H-A-R-D. Nothing is worse then get something for someone that stinks (!) literally and metaphorically, so here are a few reviews on some tested and approved scents from us here at THIMBLE MAG.

Radiance by Britney Spears
While we were a little reluctant to name the designer of this fragrance (umbrella incident, anyone?) we can't deny this scent is amazing. It's got a floaty ambiance, and when we tested it, the scent had staying power and grew better as the day went on. Not bad Britney, not bad. Also, the bottle is to die for! ($50, 3.4 fl oz.)

Coco Madameoiselle by Chanel
Keira Knightley is the face of this fragrant and Chanel Number 5 reminiscent scent, and its beautiful touches of floral and slightly woody quality keep us coming back for more ($100, 3.4 fl oz.)

Romance by Ralph Lauren
While this scent has a great deal of floral notes, and is a tad strong at first, the minute it makes contact with your skin it takes on its own true scent, becoming more wearable as the alcohol twang fades away. The face of the scent, Fillipa Hamilton, was actually released from the company recently, for "gaining too much weight". It also comes in a men's fragrance, for your boy toy! ($45,  3.5 fl oz.)

Test any of these scents in your local shops, and send us your favorite scents and reviews in the comments section!