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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Our Current Obsession: SEA OF SHOES posted at 10:15 AM

I will gladly admit that my day isn't fully complete without logging on to seaofshoes.com and salivating over Jane Aldridge's enviable clothing/shoe collection in her daily posts. The constant touch of glamour in her life is ever present and leaves me green with envy. The artistic shots of the clothes, the reinvention of vintage pieces, the trips to NYC, it's almost too much to love at once. Aldridge has maintained her Sea Of Shoes blog for several years, and it has allowed viewers to get a pulse on anti-trend high style pieces, as well as see the evolution in her look and style aesthetic.

The recent Sea Of Shoes Art Contest hosted on Flickr even further cemented her place in the fashion blog A-list scene, with an outpour of interpretations on the S/S '11 collections in several media forms. The now defunct or hiding side blog of her visual art ideas and mood board type photos was also a delight to view, and made me feel creatively renewed.

Keep an out for Jane Aldridge at Sea Of Shoes as she continues to stylishly dress in the ways I always wish I could!