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Thursday, November 11, 2010
HOLY GOSSIP GIRL. posted at 4:55 PM

Is it just me or was the newest episode of Gossip Girl electrifying? I'm loving the introduction of the more fall-esque looks for the season, especially the blazer Serena was wearing for the day time portion of the episode. And Rachel Zoe? Dipped in chocolate? I DIE. I love Rachel Zoe more than life itself. But who am I kidding? EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT CHUCK AND BLAIR. I have been holding my breath for weeks during each episode for those two to finally get back together, and tonight my dreams came true! 

I don't blame Chuck becoming overwhelmed with lust, I mean can you blame him? Blair in that J.Mendel number? Classic and beautiful to a tee. Meanwhile, all of the background drama of Serena and her boy-dating fest and the Dan the man-child is getting a tad old. Just stay away from the professor Serena! Stay away! Chuck and Blair will always steal the show for me, but to each his own. I would kill for the texture of Serena's hair. And did anyone chuckle at the, "gothic Barbie" comment, lol?